Rare and Collectable Classic Rock & Roll Photography by James Shive.

A piece of Rock & Roll History preserved on film, these images
were created when Rock & Roll and especially Live Concerts were just in their infancy. Stages were setup in college gymnasiums, old movie theaters converted into concert halls, outdoor baseball stadiums or in an available open field. Places like The Capitol Theatre, The Palladium, The Bottom Line are all now gone to the wrecking ball.   Tickets were actually printed and numbered and were quite artistic. Smoking was allowed everywhere, bottles & cans were carried into shows and no one checked your bags, purse or pockets.  We were all there for great music and James Shive was there with camera & film preserving music history on film. 

Please enjoy this vast collections of Limited Edition prints.
Limited Edition prints have been purchased by collectors all over the USA
and around the world including Japan, England, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia and more.


A lifelong professional photographer, James Shive produced thousands of images of rock and roll’s most illustrious concerts taken during the mid 1970s through the mid 80s, providing a dense visual record of its formative years and most enduring live-performances. His contribution is represented by a repertoire of musical artists that includes Billy Idol; Billy Joel; Bob Dylan; Bon Jovi; Boston; Carly Simon; Cheap Trick; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Dire Straits; Elton John; The Eagles; Elvis Costello; Eric Clapton; Fleetwood Mac; Foreigner; Genesis; Heart; Huey Lewis; Jefferson Starship; Jackson Browne; James Taylor; Joni Mitchell; Journey; Meatloaf; Peter Frampton; Peter Gabriel; The Grateful Dead; The Pretenders; REO Speedwagon; The Rolling Stones; Tom Petty; and The Who, among many others. Many of the images also capture legendary rock venues and theaters, such as The Bottom Line and The Palladium in New York City; the Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ; and The Spectrum in Philadelphia, PA – all of which no longer exist – in addition to the historic early days of Madison Square Garden, NYC.


James Shive was capturing these now classic images in a time when many musical careers were just beginning and they have now become icons in the world of rock and roll. It's because the music that these artists created has become a part of everyone’s lives, not just people like me who saw them back then. It's about how these rockers were true pioneers in the world of music. It’s about how these musicians were playing live concerts because they wanted to play. When I shot concerts, there were no choreographed dance sets or 90-minute gigs, synced to some Protool track. It was about the music. Sometimes it was about an entire album, not just a few hit singles played on the radio. The shows were live and they were real and they were great. The musicians knew their instruments and they jammed for hours and when you finally got to see them live, they sounded just like the record.

I thank my lucky stars everyday that I was there for every minute of it – to see it, to hear it and to photograph it, my trusty camera in hand. Enjoy the show!

James Shive

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