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"She's the One"
Limited Edition Triptych Giclee Print


This classic image of Bruce and Clarence was actually chosen from a series of images captured during "She's The One" with the center image being the moment when the two explosively met in center stage. However there were several frames before and after this image that tell the real story of this live performance. For the first time ever, and as part of “The 1976 Collection” from Rock Photographer Jim Shive, this 20” X 42” long Panoramic combines three absolutely unforgettable images of Bruce Springsteen & Clarence Clemons into ONE unique triptych.
Sized to make a lasting impression, this Giclee print tells a story while capturing the one-of-a-kind passion of Bruce and Clarence shared night after night together onstage.
With only 100 Limited Edition copies available, this image will adorn a few special walls. Like all Shive Archive images, the print is also signed by James Shive and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

1976 Collection 001 - Styles, Sizes & Prices:

Triptych Panoramic Giclee Limited Edition Print
(only 100 Signed & Certified copies)
20" X 42" - $850.00 (plus shipping)

Triptych Panoramic Giclee Open Edition Prints
(unlimited copies)
10" X 20" - $450.00 (plus shipping)