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Giclee Limited Edition Print

Color film in 1976 was not concert friendly, it was slow and to be able to capture a live concert took patience and skill. This frame from a color slide taken 40 years ago by Rock Photographer Jim Shive immortalizing treasured moments — moments made 40 years ago.

Out of all those frames photographed, this one was specially selected by Jim to be included in the "1976 Collection” This large sized Giclee print is a striking 16” X 24” and has never been made available before — truly a one-of-kind image taken at a one-of-a-kind show.

1976 Collection 005 Sizes & Prices:

Giclee Limited Edition Print (only 100 copies)
16" X 24" - $450.00  (plus shipping)

Giclee Open Edition Print (unlimited copies)
12" X 16" - $350.00  (plus shipping)