1977 Collection 010
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1977 Collection #010
Limited Edition Giclee Print

Seated, or more like standing at the edge of the stage, awaiting the moment when the energy peaked, one frame of film is all it took. No digital motor auto focus camera work here, just patience and a perfect subject rockin' on stage. 

And for the first time shared as part of “The 1977 Collection” from Rock Photographer Jim Shive,. This 16” X 24” image combines three absolutely incredible E Street Band members in one exciting shot, Clarence Clemons,  Bruce Springsteen & Steve Van Zandt. 

Available in 3 Sizes to make a lasting impression. With only 25 copies of the 30" X 40" Limited Editions & 100 of the 16" x 20" Limited Edition copies available, this image will adorn a few special walls. Like all Shive Archive images, the print is also signed by James Shive and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

1977 Collection #010
Edition Sizes & Prices:

Giclee Limited Edition Print
(only 25 Signed copies)
30" X 40" - $1500.00 (plus shipping)

 Each Giclee Limited Edition Print
(only 100 copies)
16" X 24" - $450.00
(plus shipping)

Giclee Open Edition Print (unlimited copies)
12" X 16" - $300.00 (plus shipping)