Darkness Edition 002
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Limited Edition Giclee Print

Well I got This Guitar and I learned How to Make it Talk!.

For the first time ever, and as part of "THE DARKNESS EDITIONS” from Rock Photographer Jim Shive, this 16” X 24”ia an  absolutely unforgettable images of Bruce Springsteen holding his mighty Fender Guitar.

This Giclee print tells a story while capturing the one-of-a-kind passion of Bruce as he played his infamous guitar on that history-making Darkness tour 40 years ago. With only 100 Limited Edition copies available, this image will adorn a few special walls. Like all Shive Archive images, the print is also signed by James Shive and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Giclee Limited Edition Print (only 100 Signed & Certified copies)
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Giclee Open Edition Print (unlimited copies)
12" X 16" - $350.00 (plus shipping)



Copyright © 2018 JAMES SHIVE. All Rights Reserved.

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