Darkness Edition 004
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Limited Edition Giclee Print
Giclee Print

Often asked if I am aware of which song was being performed when an image was taken, this is one of those rare times when I am 100 % sure. Adam Raised a Cain, first heard on the Darkness album and first performed in 1978.

This image of Bruce Springsteen has never been offered for sale until now. In fact, this image, taken in 1978 has never been printed and was only scanned recently to offer it to you in celebration of this 40th Anniversary.

Impressively sized at 16" X 24," Rock Photographer Jim Shive calls this image  "ADAM RAISED A CAIN as Bruce stands on stage raising his hads as he sings the chorus....

To ensure value of this image for you — the Collector — and your heirs of future Bruce fans, only 100 copies of this affordable image in this size are being made available.

Darkness edition 004
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Copyright © 2018 JAMES SHIVE. All Rights Reserved.
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