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Limited Edition Giclee Print

Clarence "Big Man" Clemons.

This image has been in my collection in the past but had been removed for a few years because of a very long & painful lawsuit. But now it's back and in 2 editions and sizes, Limited Edition and Open Edition. 

Most times I had photographed Clarence, it was either with Bruce or with the band, however to capture Big Man up front and center & Bruce in background doing his flamingo dance just makes this image special shows the special relationship the two of them had together on stage. Taken during the Darkness tour in 1978, this is one of those images that was not able to be printed in 1978, but with digital technology the film scan has brought the past back for your viewing pleasure. 

1976 Collection 010 - Sizes & Prices:

Giclee Limited Edition Print
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Giclee Open Edition Print (unlimited copies)
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