The 1977 Collection 007


The 1977 Collection 007

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New Color Limited Edition TriptychGiclee Print

Speaking of  Color film, how about bringing a piece of 1977 into your home with this Limited Edition Triptych Giclee Print. 

Back in 1976 film was not concert friendly, it was slow and to be able to capture a live concert took patience and skill & practice. These 3 frames from color negatives by Rock Photographer Jim Shive immortalizing treasured moments — moments made 40 years ago.

One may think it was impossible to shoot low light/fast action images with color negatives, but here is the proof!  These 3 frames were selected and combined into one very large collectable print, the action of these live moments are priceless and make a great addition to the "1977 Collection”  

This large sized Giclee print is a striking 16” X 38” and has never been made available before — truly a one-of-kind image.

1977 Collection 007 - Sizes & Prices:

Giclee Limited Edition Print (only 100 copies)
16" X 38" - $750.00
(plus shipping)

Giclee Open Edition Print (unlimited copies)
8" X 20" - $400.00 (plus shipping)

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